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David Baldacci: The Escape PDF – Book Review and Summary

An Attractive Suspense Novel: “The Escape” “The Escape” is an appealing suspense novel written by the great author David Baldacci. This book is the third book of the John Puller series written by David Baldacci. The first two book of this series are “Zero Day” and “The Forgotten”. This novel series is very popular among the readers and… Read More »

Biography of David Baldacci, Facts and Books

Touching the chord of human life: looking Back to David Baldacci “Her face. And her body. Her father had often commented on that attribute too. Voluptuous, full figured, he had described it, as though it was an entity distinct from her…”  David Baldacci (The Winner) This is David Baldacci for you. Intense, crisp, and the absolute author of… Read More »