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‘The best of me’ by Nicholas Sparks Review and Movie Trailer

Nicholas sparks the best of me bookThe best of me is about first love. It is said that on can never truly forget his first love, and the story sheds light on this. It shows that real love is not like the one in fairytales that unforeseen circumstances do occur. It says that reality may not be as sweet as fantasy, but it has its own way of happening. Destiny always has other plans for people looking for their ‘happily ever after’. It is of the view that people are not always what they seem to others, and especially what they seem to themselves. And things are far clearer when looked back to. And it asks one very basic question; can love rewrite the past?

The Best of Me Plot

The plot centers on two high school sweethearts named Amanda Collier and Dawson Cole, they were star-crossed lovers as they came from two different paths. Dawson came from a family of thugs and lawbreakers while Amanda came from a respectable and wealthy family. Their love was hard to be, considering their differences, but they made it work. Until the summer of their senior year when unforeseen events led them to opposite paths.

After 25 years they re-unite at the Orient, North Carolina, where it all began to attend the funeral of a mutual friend named Tuck Hostetler. During high school, Tuck was the person that had given refuge to their loved. And now they had returned for his funeral. During the separated time, Amanda and Dawson both have made choices that were doubtful, lived the lives they didn’t want, but never forgot that first love that started it all. And now they were together, following the instructions left by their deceased friend and wingman.

As they go through the instructions, one after the other, they come across many things. They are pained with memories and flashbacks. They come face to face with the choices they made and the people they have become. They realize that everything was not as they thought it was. That’s what they thought they knew about Kurt and about themselves was not true. This activity makes them realize that all those dreams that they so dearly were lies. In one weekend, they both face undeniable truths and are left with a doubt on how they have been living for 25 years.

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Romantic, violent, thriller

Nicholas Sparks has written this book in such a way that it cannot be categorized as a rainbow like love-story. This book has its fair share of thrill, mystery and of course romance. While the couple falls back in love at the cottage, there are people planning revenge. The revenge Dawson’s cousins went for being beaten by him. It is a tale of years old revenge that may or may not lead to murder; making it a thriller. Elsewhere, Amanda is a mother and a wife now. She cannot just fall in love with Dawson, while having a family and a life to think about. Then there is Amanda’s disapproving mother, who is also a big problem.

The fact is that ‘The best of me’ is a book about long lost love with a lot of other factors. It is close to reality as it shows that true love is not easy. There are always things to be dealt with to find and stay in love.