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In Other Words Kathleen MadiganIn other words, has managed to open the minds of many languages that people should be confined like scarce species. Before this book came out, its readers assumed that if there were any requirement of 40 words of snow, English would pick them up undoubtedly. However, after going through the various details of the book which discuss the actual difference between languages, shows that they are not simply phony grammatical differences. In fact, there is an absence of many grammatical categories that English doesn’t use. It leads to the haunting fact that there is no full translation accessible, and we might just end up facing language extinction.

The mere fact that there are times when you can’t find the right word to express what you are feeling leads to frustration. This book however is an exceptional collection of eminent and vague linguistic trinkets that provide with satisfying accuracy yet resist straightforward translation. For example, why do we use the word doppelganger and not double goer? It simply because the meaning of the actual word gets lost in the translation, and the book prefers to use the original.

This incredible book gives insight to various religions and cultures by looking at the distinguishing words. By using a set of completely distinctive words, it gives you a whole new fragrance to the vocabulary for those indefinable things you never had the right word for. If you’ve ever wondered hopelessly for a single word to describe some transient feeling or situation, perhaps you’ve just been looking in the wrong language. This book has turned out to be like a multilingual dictionary for such “untranslatable.”

This extraordinary lexicon of the particular words that are difficult to translate provides with a completely different setup of the world. It tells us how words relate to us and how they are arranged by region or country. Every section of this book gives us an insight into different cultures of the people all around the globe and how the languages differ. A clever and thoroughly defined introduction is given to such words, with fascinating details and referenced throughout the book.

To further enlighten the depth of the book, a citation of an example is made from the book. When Jiang Zemin visits US in 1997, Moore refers to the confusion about how the idea of democracy was rooted in 2000 year old Chinese Philosophy. As it appears, that Minzhu initially showed up in a classic work to describe the power of a person who commands to the benefit of the people. And it is that particular term that was later deduced to be called as “democracy.”

Although, these two words share the central concept, but the wider implications vary massively. A kind leader doesn’t have to be elected, but the process of electing legislative body is a vital element currently.
This amazing book has been thoroughly researched by dozen of specialist language consultants and has managed to appeal anyone who has a keen interest in languages and world cultures. Using the words of hundreds of different languages, this book lavishly illustrates in color. In other words, is a perfect guide to the linguistic gems that defy translation, capture a notion and defines the cultures of the world.

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