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Book Review and Summary: Adultery by Paulo Coelho –

Adultery: Fight Against the World Paulo Coelho is a writer who can write with various and exceptional topics. His books reflect the wisdom that he has acquired in his whole life. Adultery is an outstanding novel from him. In this book, Paulo Coelho has mixed up stories of feminism and relationship. He has created a revolutionary thought in… Read More »

Book Review: Don Miguel Ruiz – The Mastery Of Love PDF

Wisdom From The Mastery of Love Guide to the Art of Relationship by Don Miguel Ruiz Synopsis The Mastery of Love is a book by the celebrated Mexican author, Don Miguel Ruiz. Mr. Ruiz widely regarded as one of the prime authorities on the Toltec spiritualism and beliefs. In his book, Mr. Ruiz shares with us, his ideas… Read More »

Paulo Coelho – Eleven Minutes PDF: Book Review and Summary

Eleven Minutes: Story of A Desire Paulo Coelho has stunned the world with his writing again. Eleven Minutes is one of his best writings. He has told a story that will take every reader to the lovely world of dreams. His wisdom and observation have been reflected on the book. This is like a mirror for any girl… Read More »

Theodore Boone: The Activist PDF by John Grisham – Book Review and Summary

An awesome Legal Thriller: “Theodore Boone: The Activist” “Theodore Boone: The Activist” is a fantastic thriller book of the Theodore Boone series. You will find Theodore Boone here to resolve some more problems and to reveal some more truth and to make more adventure. It is an interesting book where you will get the touch of suspense and… Read More »

The Orphan Master’s Son PDF by Adam Johnson: Review and Summary

Penetrating the profound saga of human life: The Orphan Master’s Son The Orphan Master’s Son was first published in 2012. It belongs to that new genre of American novels, which constantly try to experiment with plot construction, stories, and characters, but obviously, giving due prominence to the finest ways and means of ‘telling’ and weaving an imaginative background… Read More »

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen PDF: Review and Summary

Pride and Prejudice Book Review and Summary Pride and Prejudice is a novel by the famous English novelist, Jane Austen. The book is hailed as one of the most-important pieces of English literature and has received considerable attention from literary scholars. The story is set in 19th Century England and is about a young woman named Elizabeth and… Read More »

Book Review: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn Novel, Epub, Paperback and Kindle

Gone Girl is a thriller novel written by Gillian Flynn. The book received commercial success and was included in the New York Times Best Sellers List. This is a story about a man named Nick Dunne and the ambiguous circumstances surrounding the death of his wife, Amy Dunne. The tale starts with Nick and Amy, who are going… Read More »

Book Review: 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy on PDF: Plot and Analysis

Erotic, Funny and Touching: Fifty Shades of Grey PDF English by E.L. James If you are looking for a romantic and erotic novel, Fifty Shades of Grey should be your pick. It is the first part of the Fifty shades series; that traces the deepening relation between two people. It is outstanding and popular for its explicitly erotic scenes… Read More »