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Book Review: The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henriquez

Summary and Review of “The Book of Unknown Americans” Cristina Henriquez is one of the most influential writers in the American literature society. She was born in the U.S.A. and her education life is as bright as her writing career. In a short time, she has managed to create a big group of audience who loves to read… Read More »

Euphoria Book Review: Novel by Lily King

Euphoria: The Love Triangle Lily King is a famous American contemporary writer. Her writings always carry a message of love and adventure. Euphoria is a tremendous, breathtaking story. It is about three anthropologists. This page-turning novel from the authoress has entertained her admirers. There are basically three phases of the book. The story starts with a perfect nostalgia… Read More »

Book Review: All the Single Ladies by Dorothea Benton Frank

All the Single Ladies – ‘A Story about Love, Pain and Friendships’ by Dorothea Benton Frank The Three Protagonists Dorothea Benton Frank’s latest book All the Single Ladies is a hallmark of her finesse and poise as a writer. This backdrop of this story is the humble setting of South Carolina, referred to as ‘low country’ throughout the course… Read More »

Sweet Picture Book: I Love You Night and Day by Smriti Prasadam-Halls

Cute and Lovely Picture Book: “I Love You Night and Day” “I Love You Night and Day” is a very beautiful and sweet picture book written by Smriti Prasadam which was released on the 2nd January in 2014. The book has been focused on the truth of unconditional love and affection to the loved ones. About the Author: Smriti… Read More »

Paulo Coelho – Eleven Minutes PDF: Book Review and Summary

Eleven Minutes: Story of A Desire Paulo Coelho has stunned the world with his writing again. Eleven Minutes is one of his best writings. He has told a story that will take every reader to the lovely world of dreams. His wisdom and observation have been reflected on the book. This is like a mirror for any girl… Read More »

Book Review: Aleph by Paulo Coelho PDF

Aleph: A journey for lifetime Paulo Coelho has expressed his own desire of having a journey. Aleph is a book that contains the journey for self evaluation. The author has told the story as the main character. This book reflects most of the part of writer’s desire. Paulo Coelho is still a dominating writer. His writings not only… Read More »

Novel Review: Station Eleven by Emily Mandel

Station Eleven Book Review Station eleven is a post apocalyptic novel. It is creative and unsettling. The jumps from time to time and builds connections as she goes. The novel gives a new meaning to post apocalyptic literature. Unlike most other novels that come under this heading, it does not paint a horrible post apocalyptic picture. There are… Read More »

What She Left Behind Book by Ellen Marie Wiseman: Review and Summary

What she left behind for us to see- the asylum and the medical condition in the society If a social document or a social treatise is to revisit the exact time and place with which it is closely related, it can take a long time, and the way of the journey may not be safe always. What she… Read More »