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Book Review: The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henriquez

Summary and Review of “The Book of Unknown Americans” Cristina Henriquez is one of the most influential writers in the American literature society. She was born in the U.S.A. and her education life is as bright as her writing career. In a short time, she has managed to create a big group of audience who loves to read… Read More »

Euphoria Book Review: Novel by Lily King

Euphoria: The Love Triangle Lily King is a famous American contemporary writer. Her writings always carry a message of love and adventure. Euphoria is a tremendous, breathtaking story. It is about three anthropologists. This page-turning novel from the authoress has entertained her admirers. There are basically three phases of the book. The story starts with a perfect nostalgia… Read More »

Book Review and Summary: The Rocks, A Novel by Peter Nichols

The Rocks: A Story of Misunderstanding Peter Nichols is one of the most famous writers in the World literature. His books have been bestsellers and praised by the critics. The Rocks is also a tremendous effort from the author. The book contains all the necessary elements of being an enjoyable one. He has used every existed situation in… Read More »

Book Review: Piranha by Clive Cussler

Piranha: Lost and Found Clive Cussler is back with his bestselling series the Oregon Files. The Piranha is the tenth contribution to this list. The author continues his writing with an unimaginable theory. The total dimension of the book is simply outstanding. The style of Clive Cussler has always been praised by the critics. As for an adventure… Read More »