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Book Review: Cross My Heart by James Patterson (Alex Cross, #21)

A Mysterious Crime Thiller That Touches Heart: “Cross My Heart” As like the every book of James Patterson, “Cross My Heart” is another fabulous crime thriller that is full of suspense and thrill. It was the following sequel of the Alex Cross, Run in the Alex Cross series. It was published in November 25th of 2013. The next… Read More »

Book Reivew and Summary: Finders Keepers by Stephen King

A Superb Crime Fiction: “Finders Keepers” “Finders Keepers” is a mind-blowing crime fiction novel created by Stephen King. It is the second part of the trilogy focused on Detective Bill Hodges, who was following Mr. Mercedes. The story of this novel circles around the murder of the popular writer John Rothstein and the disappearance of his notebooks. The… Read More »

James Patterson: Hope to Die (Alex Cross) Book Review

“Hope to die”: A marvelous, mind-blowing and magnificent detective Novel “Hope to die” is an impeccable creation in the history of the novels related to crime, suspense and thrill. Undoubtedly, the creator of this fabulous novel is James Patterson. This great, mind-blowing novel was revealed before the readers in November 6, 2014. About the Author Nothing is more… Read More »

Book Review: Thunderstruck by Erik Larson Summary

Thunderstruck: A Parallel World Eric Larson is a mystery writer. He likes to create mystery and adventure in his writings. His books contain suspense and thriller together. Even with a little information, he can create an elaborate image for the readers. That is the reason; his audiences are fond of him. The author can mix up different tastes… Read More »

Review: Along Came a Spider Book PDF by James Patterson

Along Came a Spider: An Alex Cross Classic Thriller James Patterson has been mesmerizing his audiences with Alex Cross stories for twenty five years. Along Came a Spider is one of his best thriller book. The author continues the search of criminal by Alex Cross through this book. Getting out of the cycle, James Patterson has mixed up… Read More »

In Cold Blood PDF by Truman Capote: True Crime Book

Review and Summary ‘In Cold Blood’ by  Truman Capote is a non-fictional horror masterpiece. It is about an innocent family in Kansas, the Clutters, that were brutally murdered for no apparent reason. Capote tries successfully to reconstruct the murder and the subsequent investigations that ultimately lead to the capture of the killers. After the murders were committed, Capote, accompanied… Read More »

Ripper by Isabel Allende PDF, Summary and Review

Isgreatel Allende is well known as a literary mastermind and every book she has written has turned out to be a bestseller at some time. The case of “Jack the Ripper” is one that has fascinated many crime novelists before and once again “Ripper” is the latest adaptation of the story. Although this is Isabel Allende’s first attempt… Read More »

EBook The Cuckoo’s Calling Review By Robert Galbraith

Read online The Cuckoo’s Calling in PDF format Plot Summary The Cuckoo’s Calling is a crime fiction novel written by the universally acclaimed author of the Harry Potter series. J.K. Rowling wrote this book under the pseudonym “Robert Galbraith.” The story begins with the death of a famous supermodel, Lula Landry. Her adopted brother, John Bristow, seeks the services… Read More »