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Envelope System by Dave Ramsey – Best Review

Envelope System: Innovation of Dave Ramsey The famous business consultant and author Dave Ramsey has inaugurated the Envelope System. It is a simple and effective method for those who want to utilize money in proper way. While creating Envelope System, Dave Ramsey has started marketing his products for this purpose. The system is built upon the theory of… Read More »

Dave Ramsey: Investing Calculator – Best Honest Review

Investment Calculator: Way to Follow Dave Ramsey is a renowned author and business consultant of USA. He has written several bestselling books. He has a lot of admirers in all over the world. His radio show is aired in more than 550 stations of America. From a simple graduate student of Tennessee, he has taken himself in the… Read More »

Book Review: The Richest Man in Babylon – Summary

The Richest Man in Babylon: Guideline for Wealth The Richest Man in Babylon is one of the greatest creations of George Clason. This book is a masterpiece among the classic history of literature. The book is about paying debts and savings money. By alluding situations and stories, the author has made practical examples of his hypothesis. In 1926… Read More »

One Up On Wall Street PDF by Peter Lynch: Review and Summary

‘One up on Wall Street’ by legendary mutual-fund manager ‘Peter Lynch’ has sold more than one million copies, proving it to be a true bestseller. Peter Lynch explains how professional training is not required by amateur investors; instead, they have a certain edge over the professionals. Lynch believes that investment opportunities are just waiting to be discovered; they… Read More »

The Blue Ocean Strategy PDF Book: From Theory to Practice

Understanding management and analytical potential through the Blue Ocean Strategy econand Renee Mauborgne discuss the effects of the Blue Ocean theory in locating potential markets, determining the growth areas of the market, and in reciprocating the individual and collective competitive price ranges. The book Blue Ocean Strategy: How to create Uncontested Market space and make the Competition Irrelevant… Read More »

Book Review: The Art of Public Speaking e-book in PDF

The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie and Joseph B. Esenwein Public speaking is something that is a cause for concern for several people. No matter how confident someone seems outward, speaking in front of an audience is a whole new aspect. Therefore, a lot of interest has developed among the people with regards to this subject matter.… Read More »