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Book Review: Piranha by Clive Cussler

Piranha: Lost and Found Clive Cussler is back with his bestselling series the Oregon Files. The Piranha is the tenth contribution to this list. The author continues his writing with an unimaginable theory. The total dimension of the book is simply outstanding. The style of Clive Cussler has always been praised by the critics. As for an adventure… Read More »

Book Review and Summary: The Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan

The Maze of Bones: Testing the Intelligence Rick Riordan is famous for some of his blockbuster series. Percy Jackson and other demigod books are his bestselling books in all over the world. At last he brought himself out of those stories. The Maze of Bones is a bypassed creation of this renowned writer. He has put historical facts… Read More »

Book Review: Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters Book (Full HD Trailer Movie)

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Rick Riordan is the creator of one of the most discussed characters of the literary society. Percy Jackson has been outstanding in his every blockbuster series. The epic of demigods continues with the book named as Sea of Monsters. Percy Jackson meets up with more dangers and challenges in this book. Rick Riordan… Read More »

Review: Along Came a Spider Book PDF by James Patterson

Along Came a Spider: An Alex Cross Classic Thriller James Patterson has been mesmerizing his audiences with Alex Cross stories for twenty five years. Along Came a Spider is one of his best thriller book. The author continues the search of criminal by Alex Cross through this book. Getting out of the cycle, James Patterson has mixed up… Read More »

James Patterson: Alex Cross Series

I, Alex Cross: A Legendary Character James Patterson has created one of his most legendary characters. Alex Cross is a mix up of adventure, thriller and mystery. James Patterson has already acquired a respective position among the literature society. “I, Alex Cross” is the primary starter for reading the rest of the books by James Patterson. This book… Read More »

Review and Summary: The Princess Bride Book PDF by William Goldman

A Fantastic Fantasy Novel: “The Princess Bride” “The Princess Bride” is an impeccable romantic fantasy novel that is written by the great author William Goldman and it was appeared before the readers in 1973. There is a balanced combination of romance, adventure, fantasy and comedy in this novel. It was first published by the Harcourt Brace publishing company… Read More »

Review and Summary: Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief Book PDF

A Widely Popular and Attractive Fantasy Novel: “The Lightning Thief” by  Rick Riordan “The Lightning Thief” is a great adventurous fantasy novel that has won the heart of every reader. The story of the novel is mainly plotted on the base of the Greek Mythology. This novel is written by the great author Rick Riordan and it was… Read More »

Review: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the NightTime PDF Analysis

“The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time”: A Marvelous Mystery Novel Famous British writer Mark Haddon is quite popular for writing legendary mystery novel like “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time”. This book was released in May of 2003. This book is a great mystery novel that can be compared to the book… Read More »

Percy Jackson and The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan: Book Summary and Review

The Last Olympian: An Ending of the Series New York Times bestseller series by Rick Riordan comes to an end with publishing the Last Olympian. This book reveals all the mysteries that are mentioned in previous books of this series. Rick Riordan has been successful till now for creating an outstanding imaginary story of half-bloods. They are called… Read More »

Rick Riordan: The Blood of Olympus PDF – Book Review and Summary

The Blood of Olympus: Grouping against Gaea Rick Riordan has become one of the most dominating adventure book writers. Almost all of his books have been put under the American bestselling list. Movies are being created from the screenplay of him. The author is himself a great personality. Among the new generation writers, his place is higher than… Read More »

Book Review: The Battle of the Labyrinth PDF by Rick Riordan

The Battle of the Labyrinth: Journey to Battlefield Rick Riordan is one of the best fiction writers in the history of American literature. His blockbuster hit two series have created a milestone in the mind of the readers. It is difficult for anyone to ignore him while telling the stories of the God worship. He has taken demigods… Read More »