Book Review: Before The Fall by Noah Hawley

Before the Fall - Hachette Book GroupHawley, is a novelist, TV writer who is currently surrounded by a wave of popularity as the creator of the Fargo series, works against the conventions of literary thrillers, relying on a keen sense of rhythm to sustain a story that retains its secrets to the end.

In “Before the Fall”, the book begins with a group of people boarding a private jet to Martha’s Vineyard. Sixteen minutes into the flight, the plane crashes into the ocean. The only survivors are Scott (a wrestler painter) and her 4 – year-old JJ. Scott nothing for more than 8 hours with a dislocated shoulder, dragging the child on his back until he finds the land.

The book is painted small coincidences that reveals Hawley shrewdly without being too conclusive. Kidnappings, terrorism and journalistic ethics could all be clue about what happened on that flight. Why the copilot, who was changed at the last minute to approach the hostess he could have crashed? Or the investment banker who has just learned to be arrested for money laundering? And above all – why the wife of media mogul, Maggie Bateman, Scott invites the plane? In the days following, the media, especially television network, the choleric Mr. Bateman struggle itself, to discover – or sometimes create – a gripping narrative for viewers.

Hawley tends to emphasize visual passages, and the book world framed the way their characters think and act.

There is a moment in every horror films depends on the silence, “he writes, just before a researcher makes a key discovery.” The real horror, you see, does not come from the ferocity of the unexpected, but the corruption of everyday objects and spaces.

“Before the Fall” takes advantage of its plot of propulsion and other Hawley brings greed, wealth, analysis of media, art, class, desire and love to teach how our lives they are defined through a firm struggle between internal and external forces.