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Looking For Alaska Download PDF

Looking For Alaska PDF DownloadSYNOPSIS of Looking for Alaska by John Green

This is a story about a young boy named Miles Halter, who has decided to leave his home in Florida and attend the Culver Creek Preparatory High School. Miles is a fan of autobiographies, taking special interests in the last lines by the authors.

At school, he meets his new roommate named, Chip Martin. Chip gives Miles a nickname (Pudge), and both become close friends. Chip introduces Pudge to his friend, Alaska, and a Japanese student named Takumi. Alaska tells Pudge about Simon Bolivar’s last words, and he wonders what secret ‘labyrinth’ she is dealing with.

Pudge then finds out about the local rival pranksters by the name of “Weekday Warriors”. The group bears ill will against Chip and his friends because they consider him to be responsible for their friend’s expulsion from the school. Alaska, later confesses that it was she who told on Marya and Paul in order to save herself from any implications. In order to help him with his love life, Alaska setups Pudge with a girl named Lara. However, the date does not go so well, and Pudge and Alaska end up spending time with one another and start developing feelings. She reveals to him that she is haunted by the memory of her mother’s death, which leads Pudge to conclude that this was the ‘labyrinth’ she was talking about.

Pudge and Alaska hook up one day and start making out. However, they are disturbed by the constant objections of Chip. They fall asleep, but all of a sudden, Alaska wakes up and cries to leave the campus. Chip and Miles help her escape by creating a diversion. She drives away still intoxicated, and her car ends up colliding with a police cruiser.

Alaska dies on the spot.

The next morning, the dean of the school informs the school about the death of Alaska. Miles is devastated and believes himself to be responsible for her death. The students decide to honor her memory by carrying out a prank in which the whole school decides to pitch in, including the ‘Weekday Warriors.’ A male stripper has brought to the campus on Speakers Day, who strips on stage.

The book ends with Miles and Takumi, making peace with themselves and realizing that Alaska would have wanted them to let her go.


The book was well-received by the audience and managed to make its way into the top ten of the New York. However, its content was questioned by several school teachers and parents who considered the intimate scenes of the book to be ‘profane’ and ‘disgusting.’

Throughout the book, teenagers are supposed to be involved in drinking and smoking. Parents believe that this can have detrimental effects on the mindset of their children and may lure towards these addictions. The use of explicit language is also one of the major reservations of the critics against the book. The writer, however, has come out and defended his book publicly by saying that he never intended for the book to be read by children. He said that it is packaged as an adult book and should be considered as such.

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