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SYNOPSIS of Looking for Alaska by Jhon Green

Tired of your boring existence, Miles, 16, left home to seek his “great perhaps” at a boarding school. There his newfound freedom and an enigmatic girl, Alaska, throw it fully to life. Miles feels he is to achieve his goal when an unexpected tragedy threatens to take it away. How does the intensity of the friendship can end in a devastating loss?

My opinion about the book Looking for Alaska

I started reading this book basically who is its author, John Green, who after reading ‘Under the same star’ loved me, so I knew that this book would be good and … I was right! Before beginning the review and especially for those who read “under the same star” I say that this book is completely different, in ALL, still has the same essence, but the story is completely different, the style of the characters etc.

The main character, where you know the story, is Miles, or the Fat for your friends, is 16 and tired of where you live, no friends and, with the desire to find ‘The Great Perhaps’ decides to move to boarding school where he studied his young father, hoping to find what has not so far had. Something characteristic of this character, is his penchant for reading biographies of famous people and remember his last words before dying.

What I love about John Green’s books are her characters, complex, well described, with good personality, funny, thoughtful, interesting, in short, the kind of person I would like to exist in real life.

At the boarding school who will soon have his first friends, Alaska, The Colonel and Takumi.

As stated by the title, the story revolves around Alaska. I could say that is one of the most interesting and great characters I’ve read in my entire life. It’s a 16 year old, handsome, funny and with great sorrow about her, a depressing way of thinking that makes it different, a strange way to see how life and above all, to live it. It’s great, although very difficult to describe, you need to read the book to know her better and to understand it.

In short, it’s a great book, entertaining, interesting, and with a few last pages where everything is explained, it is understood, we reflect and make it something great.

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