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The Fault In Our Stars PDF By Jhon GreenBy John Green, the author of this book and one of my favorite authors, is among those who think that NOT to read spoilers before reading the book and I respect his wise opinion, try not to write any. And if you get any, I’ll leave clearly marked so that those who do not want to read it, do not. I do not want to gut anything to anyone!

The Fault In Our Stars PDF is a book about cancer patients, but not so much about cancer. It’s a book about Hazel Grace Lancaster, who for thirteen living with a terminal illness. Now the tumor is, in a way, controlled by a few drugs have been running tests on it and allowing it to live a while longer, though no one knows if that time will be days, weeks, months or years. Almost all life of Hazel has been to prepare for death. It is vegetarian because it wants to reduce the number of deaths that she is responsible and cares about how his mother will cope with being a mother to change no-longer-be-mother, among other things, such as what will be the marriage of their parents after his death (one study, says the book, shows that most marriages break after the death of a child). We basically kept away from around the world to reduce the damage that may cause when (if) I die (e).

Hazel meets a boy named Augustus (Gus) Waters in one of the support group sessions that occasionally attends. Gus is attractive, charismatic, and has a prosthetic leg, although there are no signs of cancer in her body. The difference between Hazel and Gus is simple: Augustus has a future, not Hazel. Still, Augustus does not care if Hazel did not have time, or so it does not affect the admiration (and fascination) he feels for her. They become close friends (of those who know that they like and flirt with frencuencia), but Hazel draws a line there. Do not want to be the grenade that damages the feelings of Gus. Some books are exchanged, and the two become attached lot of elected Hazel: An Imperial Affliction by Peter Van Houten (a book with some amazing features, of which I will not reveal anything, because it’s part of the interesting thing TFiOS).

From here, it is best to discover it yourselves what happens. It’s a quick read (even in English), and with intelligent humor and as exquisite as that of its author, John Green. And here many will disagree, but I love that John writes about intelligent people and the humor of these so. I find it very difficult to make a review of the books of this man, because I love so well explained that I never know what is best for them. No doubt, its characters are the best of all his stories. The Fault In Our Stars PDF will make you laugh, quite often, and I keep a smile on your face static, but there will come a point where you also do mourn. But not because it is a book about cancer, but because you admire so much with the characters, you almost feel like yours (if you like writing perhaps better understand what I mean).

Many reviews I’ve read talk about how the two main characters behave like adults when they are just teenagers, and I disagree with that. Adolescents are certain circumstances surrounding his life, and only two intelligent people. They are normal teenagers have that magic and that certain perfection of fictional characters, but do not behave as adults, but as teenagers sensible (more or less). Anyway, if I have learned reading reviews and book reviews and books, is that there are many ways to read a book, and to interpret it. And the best way to discover what you most agree is reading it for yourself. This book certainly think not disappoint many.

In closing, I leave you with one of the quotes that I liked (hard to pick one), and a picture, without reading the book, not make much sense. I encourage you to meeting him!

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